Being Seen: A Look Into Photography

To be seen is a vulnerable thing. I don't mean briefly looked at or passed by with a glance. I mean the kind of seen where your armor becomes translucent. That is how I want to be looked at. Yet I find myself peering down or turning my body away, avoiding to be truly seen.... Continue Reading →

New Perspectives

While finishing a thru-hike is an extremely difficult thing to complete, the real challenge is after your done. How do you stay that airy, stress-free, fit as a fiddle, best version of yourself? Ill be honest, after my first thru-hike of the Appalachian Trail I failed in utilizing the best version of myself. Instead I... Continue Reading →

Oh Canada!!

I've attempted writing this post a few different times and I'll say I've really struggled. A large part of that was not wanting to process that we are actually done. Then as it gets further away, it seems like a surreal experience that is difficult to summarize. So instead I'm doing this post a bit... Continue Reading →

Washington: How is this almost over?

Unbelievable to think we have traversed up to Washington already. When we were in Oregon it still seemed so far away and now I sit here, saddened to think how close the end is. Luckily we have had some great experiences the past couple weeks. We visited the famous Timberline Lodge, which if you have... Continue Reading →

PCT: Oregon on the Trail

Oregon! A few spectacular days of entering Oregon we had our first cold encounter with a local. As we flew down the path, feeling great on the slight decline we thought we should use our energy and keep going. At 8:45pm we reached a large building that I thought was some sort of resort. As... Continue Reading →

A Quirky Day in the Life

A little look into our daily trail life. What do we eat?       Well, it strongly depends on the stores that are in town. Sometimes the only option we have is the Dollar Tree. In those instances it can be hard to get nutritious food and we end up eating mostly sugary treats.┬áThose... Continue Reading →

1,500 Miles Down, 1,150 to Go!

After our friends & family came for a visit, we got back into our 'daily grind.' It's a pretty sweet 'grind' if you ask me. We got to enter Lassen National Forest which is a Volcanic National Forest. There were a few side trails that we decided to venture down, one to see a Geyser... Continue Reading →

A Handful of Magic

Coming out of the High Sierras and into Yosemite I hit a mental low. It was Father's Day weekend and being in Yosemite there were a lot of families. I was feeling the homesick blues. It felt even more terrible to be in one of the most beautiful places and not feel the appreciation.But, the... Continue Reading →

Breaking Through Breakdowns

Last update Level and I shared our exciting news of our engagement! We got to secretly revel in our news for a week in some of the most beautiful, difficult, and remote parts of the trail. The high Sierras tested us in many ways. Resupplying in the Sierras is a tough job since it is... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Day!

Entering the Sierras has been even more magical than I imagined. From the desert heat with no water to rushing waters in every turn. We were nervous going in because of the stormy weather people had warned us about, but blue skies for us! The first Sierra town we needed to enter was called, Lone... Continue Reading →

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